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Patric Young had to sit to learn to walk again. Every day, he takes the next step in becoming who God has called him to be. As a motivational speaker, author and philanthropist, Patric is on a mission to challenge people to live with purpose.


Every organization should nurture its people with practical wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement.  By sharing his personal experiences, Patric will boost morale, provide valuable perspective, and help teams overcome challenges.




A decision without vision is a blind mind. Define your goal and then embrace the process to achieve it. Wherever you are in your life journey, failure is only a 100% guarantee when you quit. Just keep moving forward. Do not discount the profound nature of a small beginning. Patric highlights how his goal to walk again fuels his heart, soul, and strength. 


How to make the most of every day

Motivational Content

Inspire individuals and build stronger teams

Patric will deliver a message that encourages, motivates, and inspires people to change. By telling personal stories and providing perspective, he will show how your corporate values can be embraced.

Becoming the best version of yourself doesn’t need a timeline other than right now and every single day. Life is now! Not yesterday; not tomorrow. We cannot control our future, but we can control our mindset, actions, and response to adversity. Trials in life are inevitable, but they’re also tools. Patric teaches how to use tools to eliminate fear and reduce anxiety. 


How to live without fear or anxiety 

We can either be forced or teach ourselves to be humble, but at some point in life we will be humbled. Humility turns our inward focus to an outward focus so we love and serve others. Learn how Patric's humility comes from both a physical limitation, and a mental and emotional choice.


How to be humble

No matter what circumstances that you're in, you can choose joy. Joy is a result of gratitude and positivity. Gratitude is life changing especially when you practice it everyday. Patric explains how he refuses to let his circumstances define who he is and how he lives his life.


How to create your happiness

Customized Content

Bring your organization's
vision to life 

Patric can bring your vision to life. One of his specialties is helping organizations clarify their vision statement. Patric will deliver a customized speech to add perspective and explain how to apply your organization's vision. 


“I couldn’t think of a better time to hear from Patric Young than the week before Thanksgiving. His story is not only about overcoming adversity but staying positive and trusting the process. His energy and ability to relate to any audience was extraordinary. Patric is a dynamic speaker that really impacted our employees, teaching them to live to their fullest under any circumstance. I would recommend him to anyone looking to motivate and inspire their employees both in their personal and professional lives.”

-Kate Mays, CSI Companies Chief Operating Officer
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